Descendants Of Freedmen Of The Five Civilized Tribes

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The trials for membership in the Muskogee Creek Nation for Misters Ron Graham and Fred Johnson were completed in September 2005. The key issue in these cases was whether or not descendants of Creek citizens who were enrolled as Creek Freedmen  who applied for membership in the Muskogee Creek nation qualify for membership as "Creeks by blood" when they can establish Creek blood from sources other than the blood quantum listed on the  Final Dawes Roll.  The lawsuits were funded by the descendants of Freedmen organization.  The case was litigated by the Solomon Simmons Lawfirm of Tulsa Oklahoma.  A final decision has not been made by Judge Moore as of early November 2005.

The  Muskogee Creek nation tribal court required the plaintiffs to provide their own court reporter for the  Creek citizenship trial of Misters Graham and Johnson  before allowing for the trial to proceed.  The court reporter was paid for by the Descendants of Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes Association .  The Descendants of Freedmen have Transcripts of the trial testimony transcribed by the court reporter and  the  trial exhibits on CD . Those testifying include plaintiffs  Ron Graham and Fred Johnson, Mrs Sharon Lenzy- Scott,  Mr Grant Perryman, Mrs Joyce Bear of the Creek nation preservation office, Mr Kevin Dillinger of the  Creek nation Attorney Generals Office, Mrs Roberta Haney of the Creek nation registration office,  Mr Jon Tiger of the Creek nation citizenship board,   and  University of Arkansas Professor Dr. Daniel Littlefield. Please contact us on how to acquire a copy of the trial testimony in full or on a day by day basis.